We want our projects to be respectful of their environments and well as adapted to their natural surroundings. We enjoy bringing spacial quality to every room, framing landscapes, playing with light, materials, volumes.

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An international Duo

We’re a complementary team of women architects at your service. We can assist you fluently (and we mean it!) in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Turkish.

Maria Theresa Parfait


I have been an architect since 2009. My preferences primarily include residential architecture and I have a Masters in Inovative Housing. I specialize in luxury architecture, and know how to make it compatible with ethics and common sense.
Passionate about Zero Waste and sensitive to the energies of people and spaces, I can bring a different approach to the project to those who are open to it.
I am a yoga practitioner and painter in my spare time.

Cigdem Jung

Interior Architect

I have been an architect for over 10 years, and I have practiced interior architecture all over the world, and specialize in designing offices and retail stores. With projects all over Europe, I carefully and meticulously manage every detail of your project, from drafting to delivery to mastering the most complex installation logistics. My watchwords are reactivity and precision.
I am passionate about travel and design, as well as being a great mother to 2 boys.

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