Feng-Shui Study

It’s true, we design buildings with rather complex plan shapes. We want to integrate energetic harmonisation to our designs without having to compromise on architectural quality.

Étude Feng-Shui

The energetic approach

Feng-Shui is an ancestral knowledge that needs little introduction. For years, Atelier Parfait has been counting on the help of renowned consultants in the field however today, we proudly offer this as an in-house service. It’s unusual for an architect to be the Feng-Shui master but the benefits to you are huge. The fundamentals of Feng-Shui can be considered from the very first drafts as it’s always more efficient to master energy flows from scratch as opposed to struggling to re-balance the Shar Chi (“bad Feng-Shui”) with palliative tricks.

We tend to prefer complex shapes and volumes in architecture, so pairing this with Feng Shui’s square simplicity involves some serious consideration in order to achieve beauty and space poetry.