Building Permit

The French administration delivers 2 types of building authorisations. They depend on the project size and complexity, and on the zone they are implemented on.

Permis de Construire

A building permit is a meticulous administrative formality, which engages the responsibility of both the architect and the applicant. We know how to guide preliminary studies and define with you all the challenges of the project with a view to obtaining the building permission.
It is a long work, which can only succeed after a detailed and final version of a preliminary phase. We take all the time necessary to reach the project of your dreams, and it is only once it is fully sketched that we start the documents for the Permit.
Taking the time to do the right choices is our secret for our 100% approval rate with the urban departments.
The fee of our permits therefore obviously include these first essential design phases, priced upon complexity.

Permis de Construire

This type of authorisation is required for large scale projects, or sites included in a protected sector. The administration takes up to 3 months to deliver the permit, once the document is complete.

Déclaration Préalable

This authorisation is slightly simpler, and the instruction delay is 1 month shorter. It is submitted for smaller modifications on existing buildings (that are not included in a protected sector).

Ask us which one is requested in your specific case, or learn the difference between Declaration Préalable and Permis de Construire, as well as all the French urbanism formalities on

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